About Us

About Us

The way we market and publicises our business, services and products changes on a annual basis. This comes with growing technology. At Insight Media we are constantly looking to the latest technology trends and concepts and more importantly what is the next in line.

Insight Media was founded in early 2018 by Managing Director, Ross Tormey, after identifying a gap in the Irish market. Virtual Reality is the latest innovations that is about to hit the Irish market and with that realisation by Ross, Insight Media was born.

We aim to push boundaries of the current market and give clients the best opportunities to promote their properties, spaces and work with them closely to introduce them to the latest trends along with the best ways to utilise them.

With extensive experience across the various services that Insight Media are providing, we are covering all bases. Guarrenteed to boost viewings, sales, marketing options and results.

Managing Director

m: ross@insightmedia.ie

t: +353 87 9143152

Ross Tormey

Ross is the founder and Managing Director of Insight Media. He has many years experience across several IT sectors, ranging from photography, retail management, administration and marketing. Throughout this experience, Ross has gained a valuable insight into the various needs and desires of his clients.

Ross aims to work closely with clients to gain a perfect understanding of their vision before beginning any project. This means that he is able to give the client a clear plan of action, outlining all the steps that he will undertake to realise their goal.

Along with his vast IT, web marketing and photography experience, Ross takes great pride in delivering excellence, efficiency and success to all his projects. A combination of Ross’s customer focus and desire to innovate the Irish market led to the birth of Insight Media. We aim to provide an immersive media solution, allowing the customer to experience products without leaving their home.

In his spare time, Ross is an active member of Mullingar RFC, coaching youth teams and playing himself for the senior team, currently as 2nds captain.