3D Virtual Tours in Retail……Must have for all stores today!

3D Virtual Tours in Retail……Must have for all Retail Stores today!

3D Virtual Tours in Ireland have been prominent and primarily focused in the property industry, since their introduction in 2017.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, this marketing solution has gained even more traction and nearly every property on the market has one. But it’s not just for selling a home….it has endless opportunities.

The retail industry has suffered considerably with the COVID pandemic, with a number of stores closing and more moving to an online environment. So the question remains, how can we get customers back in the door even if we are closed.

Well with a 3D Virtual Tour….A virtual tour allows potential viewers virtually walk around a premises without actually being there! Essentially, your potential customer can walk around your store and see what you have to offer. We also have the ability to include links to your eCommerce store where the customer can buy, creating the sales funnel in a virtual environment.

Even when current restrictions are lifted there is still reason to get a 3D Virtual Tour for your store.

Here is 5 reasons why….

  1. MatterTags

As mentioned above, we have the ability to place links to products throughout a tour. We do this with an interactive Tag, where we can include product details, costs and a link to the eCommerce facility for the view to purchase.

These tags can also include descriptive videos, so if you have a branded video of a particular product, we can include this in the tour to help make the sale.

Thinking outside the box, why not have a welcoming video embedded into a tag, to welcome all virtual visitors. Keeping the personal approach to your virtual store.

  1. Google Street View

Did you know, that you can use Google Maps and Business profiles to walk inside a business or building? Well you can, using our Matterport virtual tours.

We can upload these tours directly to Google. The 360 images will be displayed then in your business photos directory also.

Even though your store may be closed, people can still browse online and pick out their items in the virtual environment.

  1. Staff Training

Does your staff struggle with training in new staff? Is it too time consuming?

In some cases before a new member of staff starts on their first day, HR or management may send the new employee over some training manuals or processes. It’s up to the new employee to review and get up to speed before they start.

Well with a virtual tour, it may be worthwhile to use it for training purposes. Allow the staff to virtually walk through your premises, following the training manual and learn what needs to be carried out in each section. Not only do they get a grasp of the store layout but they learn quickly how things are done.

  1. Marketing content

Like our property packages we provide professional photography of the premises as well as short social media teaser videos.

These are eye catching and very useful on social media to attract new customers.

  1. Endless Opportunities

With all forms of marketing, a good campaign is built on a solid and effective idea! Take a look at your competitors, see what they are doing, is it effective? What can you do but do differently?

Those are just a few reasons! But all in all, the solution has changed the way we do property viewings and can change the way we do our shopping, starting to add a new 3D dimension to marketing and opening the door for new innovations for business.

Use 3D Virtual Tours on your marketing campaigns!! It’s that simple!

Insight Media was founded on the discovery of 3D Virtual Tour technology and since we first opened our door, we have captured over 300 properties/spaces, across various industries.

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Thanks for reading.