Why The Property Industry loves 3D Virtual Tours

Why The Property Industry loves 3D Virtual Tours

Now more than ever Virtual Tours are becoming an integral marketing tool in the property industry!!


Here’s 3 reasons why….


  1. COVID-19 – Property Viewings & visits

In light of the social distancing guidelines during the pandemic, property viewings were one of the areas that was restricted. However, with 3D Virtual Tours, this was doable.


When shooting a property for a virtual tour, the photography is the only person ideally in the home. Meeting the owner or selling agent outside of the premise for access.


Keeping social distancing to a minimum with less travel for all involved.


The virtual tour is then online in full, for all to view in their own time and comfort, adhering to all guidelines. Even when all restrictions are lifted this can be a useful strategy, allow interested parties to view the tour before a physical viewing and again after that.


Which leads me to my next point…


  1. Saves Everyone Time

As we all know, when a potential buyer is close to buying a home, they may wish to revisit the property a number of times in order to view the home and check out every aspect before placing an offer or even pre acceptance.


Following the handover of a 3D Virtual Tour and its issuing online, the property is open 24/7, for potential buyers to view the home at any time. The interactive aspect allows the user to view every aspect of the home, building up any questions they may have before meeting or calling an agent.


For an estate agent, this means – less time on viewings, more opportunities to showcase a property and more important, weed out non-qualified buyers that carry out viewings just to see the inside of a house.


Of course, a buyer probably won’t buy a house without physically viewing the property, but I can assure you, it has happened with some of our virtual tours.


For buyer, it saves time on answering any questions they may as they can view the property as often as they like. They can plan out their potential new homes finishes and furnishings, the exciting part to buying a home.


  1. Eye-Catching…up your Social Media game

Let’s face it, the 3D Dollhouse in a virtual tour or the walkthrough videos are eye catching!


3D Virtual Tour content in its simple form and face value is a very attractive tool. With the interactive elements we have the ability to catch the eye of any user on first viewing.


Put it this way……A picture paints a thousand words….if that’s correct, what does a virtual tour say?


Our virtual tour packages all come with 9 second teaser videos of the property…..ideal for catching the eye on social media!

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