3D Virtual Tours, the future is here!

3D Virtual Tours, the future is here!

Year after year, technology changes and grows. Every year, something comes through that is a complete game changer and opens the market to a whole new audience. New technologies tend to capture the imagination of audiences.

One of the latest innovations is 3D Virtual Tours, a new piece of immersive technology that allows users to fully interact with a space. It allows them to virtually walk through the space with a simple few clicks. The overall “3D Doll House” view, gives a 3D skeleton effect of the building and floors captured. Not every room has to be captured as some spaces may not require it. A user can quickly jump from one floor to the next and from one room the another.

Along the way we have the ability to highlight special aspects of the room which the user will easily identify and gather information on that space. There is also the ability to add an audio utility to those highlighted aspects, giving a quick overview for what to expect.

How does it work?

Using a state of the art camera, we simply walk through your space taking a number of 360 degree photographs. Like a breadcrumb trail, we will start in one corner of a room and work the whole way through it and across the rest of the space. Following that, we can piece it all together and mark up where appropriate, creating our 3D Virtual Tour.

Imagery & Floor Plans

While capturing all of the 360 photographs or scans, we produce 4K high resolution, 2D images. These images can be used for your own marketing campaign. If required, you can also get the 360 images for marketing purposes, these tend to work well on various social media platforms.

We also have the capabilities to export a complete floor plan of the property. In modern day real estate practice, potential buyers are looking at a floor to get an insight into the spaces of each room and size of the property. With our technology we can export a 2D floor plan complete with dimensions, accurate to within 1%.

Video Teasers

From the resulting scans across the property, we are able to compose a video that automatically walks through some of the focal points of the property. The client can choose what the user sees. These videos can be used across social media with ease, capturing the audience to view your property or space and further enticing them to use the complete virtual tour. For some samples, please see our Vimeo channel.

BIM & AEC Integration

Not only can this technology produce state of the art digital content for marketing, but it has the ability to integrate with other software to help conceptualise the built environment. Building Integrated Modelling, or BIM as it’s known, is the latest software tool to hit the design and engineering industry.

BIM integrates design from the Architect, Civil and Structural and M&E design teams. Providing an all-encompassing design file that fully shows all aspects of the project and clashes that may occur. Most new builds now require a project to be designed with BIM.

How does a 3D Virtual Tour fit in, you might ask? Using the virtual tour, the designers can integrate the interior of a project to the BIM model. Marrying the two technologies gives an up to date perspective of the project. Using BIM Objects, the designer can input any sample items around the floor of the space, giving an insight into what the actual size and space has to offer.

Should there be an extension to a building, BIM can take the existing interior and exterior dollhouse imagery and work from it building the new structure off it. Engineers, Architects and designers can use a 3D Virtual Tour to do site inspections without visiting the site. This may be useful if a team are all struggling to attend a site visit. Everyone can carry out an high definition inspection without even leaving the office.

There is also a functionality using the 3D Virtual Tours for site walks. Should someone not be able attend site visit to carry out inspections, they could use the 3D Virtual Tour to do so. Allowing the contributors to get a full overview of progress without even attending the site. This can be integrated with BIM from there to allow each contributor to make comments or mark issues on the 3D BIM model. These mark ups then can be linked to the 3D Virtual Tour for all to view as they walk around using the virtual tour.


There are endless possibilities with VR and what we can do with it. Smart device apps are now almost a necessity for any business with a large client and follower base. An app that will house your virtual tour, photos and information on your space or products can be a very attractive prospect. Having an app that can do all that and more, like a fully VR compatible….is a different attraction completely.

For tourist attractions and even real estate agents, this is where the market is heading. For a tourist attraction to have a smart device app available to consumers to use before they arrive is a very exciting prospect. Without giving the whole experience away, a consumer will be able get an overview of what to expect. For the estate agent it will allow them to have their higher end properties on an app that they can exhibit with their customers.

For more information on a 3D Virtual Tour, speak with our team. Arrange a sit down demonstration today to see how it all works and exactly what the technology can do.