Insight Media launches into the Irish market

Insight Media launches into the Irish market

Following a number of months researching and compiling hours of market research, the day finally came and Insight Media has finally launched. Introducing a new start up that aims to provide Virtual Reality (VR) solutions to the market.

Owner and Managing Director, Ross Tormey, said on the launch of the new business “This is an exciting day, after several years hard work, a dream and big idea comes to fruition. VR is a piece of technology that is going to propel into the Irish market over the coming years and we at Insight Media are proud to lead the charge”

Insight Media, based out of Mullingar, Co. Westmeath, will be providing numerous marketing services and solutions that will use VR technology, across several sectors of business.

“Mullingar gives us a great base to work from, with local amenities and access across the country. Our services are available across the country at competitive prices with a top quality product. We are looking forward to introducing the country to VR and 3D Virtual Tours.”

What services does Insight Media provide?

Some of the services we are providing are:

With a wealth of experience across several sectors, Insight Media are in the best place possible to provide these services and best practice to utilise them. We have extensive experience in digital and website marketing, giving the team are in the best possible position to aid you on how best to bring your 3D Virtual Tours to your market.

3D Virtual Tours and how it will aid your marketing campaign

Consumers will search online to research and review a product before they commit to buying. Even so, reading other reviews of people’s experiences with a product or space only allows a certain level of interaction for the client. With VR, this is the next level. Consumers will not even have to leave the comfort of their own home before they view a new house, property, venue or attraction. A 3D virtual tour is the next step into showcasing your product and its all done in 4K resolution. For your online visitor, it will not only show them your space in the highest resolution, but will show them much much more.

Is this technology successful??

Without a shadow of a doubt it is!! Re/Max estate agents in the U.S., claim that any property that uses a 3D showcase, see an increase of 95% on the amount of appointment conversions on a property! Properties featured with virtual tours receive 65% more email inquiries versus those without!

“We are always happy to help with your queries on these solutions. We fully understand that this is a new technology and there will be a number of questions on how this operates. Visually, this technology is in a league of its own and is adaptable to any space and its requirement or marketing campaign.” Said Tormey.

Want to find out more?

For more information on any of the services we provide or some examples of this technology, please visit the Insight Media website,